Rainbow Attachments
Harness the power of your Rainbow to clean every inch of your home with our specially designed tools.
These attachments come standard with every Rainbow.
Floor & Wall Brush
For clean and attractive looking hardwood floors and linoleum and ceramic tile, the floor and wall brush does an outstanding job of removing surface litter and dirt.
Dusting Brush
To keep your home thoroughly clean, dust overlooked places, such as windowsills, venetian blinds, lamp shades, lighting fixtures, moldings, houseplants, screens and curtains.
Upholstery Tool
Deeply embedded dirt can reduce the life and vibrancy of fabric. The Rainbow Upholstery Tool effectively removes dirt from upholstered furniture.
Crevice Tool
Use the crevice tool to clean in narrow and tight spaces, such as between radiator sections, under radiators, along floor edges and baseboards.
Confined Space Cleaner & Inflator Tool
For detailed cleaning of extra difficult-to-reach areas, use the confined-space cleaner. The Rainbow inflator tool works great for quickly inflating air mattresses and other inflatable toys.
Pet Grooming Tool
Gently clean and groom your favorite furry friend with this easy-to-use attachment.
Wet Pickup & Extractor Head
Stubborn stains and spills can easily be taken care of with your Rainbow and the handy Wet Pickup and Extractor Head.
Aerofresh Bag
This handy plastic bag removes stale, dusty air from cushions and pillows and is sized to fit even your largest cushions.
Refrigerator Coil Cleaner
Refrigerator cooling coils attract dust and crumbs and can become less effective and energy-efficient when covered in dirt. Due to its slender design, it can easily be used to clean under your washer or dryer and to vacuum off the visible cooling coils of your refrigerator. You can even use it to clean difficult to reach places in your home or even your car.